Pembina Valley Photographer Creates Night Landscape Photo of Old Barn


It’s early November, not far out of Miami, MB. There’s snow on the ground, and I can barely hear my boots crunching in the snow due to the howling wind.

After about 10 mins, I reach the old barn. I find my composition, setup my tripod, and get several shots of the night sky.

Pembina valley night sky

These are combined in a program called Sequator to increase the clarity of the stars and to reduce the digital noise from shooting at a high ISO (6400). This is photographic nerd speak that means the image looks better after running it through this program.

Then it’s time to get light painting. I setup my timer for 15 second shutter speeds, and run into place. I use my flashlight to “paint” the light on the barn from different directions.

pembina valley photography barn
Front/side of barn/grass

<figure class=
Front area of barn

With the sky image complete and the light painted frames edited, I take them into Photoshop where I blend and combine all the images into the final result…

Pembina Valley landscape photography
The Old Barn

I hope you enjoyed this very simple explanation of how I create images like this! Please follow my Instagram and Facebook pages for more Manitoba Nightscapes! Thank you!

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