Southern Manitoba Photographer Creates Night Landscape of Dunston Church

In the Pembina Valley, just outside Morden, MB lies the Dunston United Church…

Built in 1895, this beautiful church in southern Manitoba remains in excellent condition. Under the night sky with some light painting it transforms into something incredible. Combining the history of this rarely photographed place with modern camera technology makes for an awesome nightscape image.

Starting with a clear Manitoba sky, I take multiple images which are then stacked and combined to produce a sky photograph like this…

dunston church sky photograph morden manitoba
Sky background of Dunston Church, near Morden, Manitoba

I then start light painting the building with a flashlight in several different frames. This technique lets me control the light hitting the building along with the direction.

dunston church morden manitoba photograph
dunston church morden manitoba photograph
dunston church morden manitoba photograph

These photographs are then edited and combined in Photoshop to produce this final result here…

dunston church morden manitoba photograph
The Dunston United Church Nightscape

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Thanks for checking this out! More Nightscapes to photograph in the Pembina Valley and Southern Manitoba will keep me busy! For now check out another one of this beautiful OLD BARN!

More info on Dunston Church historical site of Manitoba HERE

City of Morden WEBSITE

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