A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Married in Southern Manitoba

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You’re engaged! Congrats! Time to start planning that Pembina Valley Wedding! But now what? Where do you start? What do you do first? Which venue do you want? What’s your style? DIY?

Alright alright, that’s too many questions all at once. This guide is designed to HELP start your planning progress. So let’s get STARTED!


As the name implies, this is a comprehensive guide to planning your Pembina Valley Wedding. If you only need a specific piece of information, below is a table of contents. Click on the title to head straight to that section!

I have put a lot of research and effort into keeping this up to date but it is possible there may be some errors. To request changes please hit up my CONTACT page and let me know what needs to be added, changed, or removed. I am simply providing the information and am not responsible for any good or bad experiences with any of these vendors. With this guide, please do your own research and make decisions that are best for you! Happy planning!

Pembina Valley Wedding Planning Basics

  1. Think about dates. Try to narrow a few down to have a few options with vendors to create your dream scenario.
  2. Budget – Determine a framework for your finances. This will help determine some of your choices.
  3. Wedding Party – how many guests per side, and who? The numbers don’t HAVE to match up on both sides. It’s your day!
  4. Number of Guests – This will help with venue size, and budget needs to be considered here as well
  5. Wedding Website – This gives your guests a spot to find information about your big day and can be easier than repeated emails. Things to include are:
    Location, where to stay, schedule, your contact info, a few photos, your story, bridal party, etc.
  6. Priorities – What’s important to you both? If small and intimate is your style, put your resources and effort into personalizing the little things. If you want to throw a massive party with all your friends and family, look for vendors that can help with that!
  7. Timeline – Come up with a very timed out vision of what your day might look like.

Pembina Valley Wedding Venues

So where’s this celebration going down? You’ve got to have somewhere to gather with your friends and family? Things to consider when picking your venue:

  1. Size – Can it hold as many guests as you need? Also guests list can fluctuate from the beginning stages to near the date. Can the venue accommodate these changes? Does the layout and space fit your needs. You may prefer to have an all-in-one venue for ceremony, cocktails, and reception. Is there room for this?
  2. Does it align with your vision? – When you think of your big day, can you picture yourself at the venue? If you’re planning for an outdoor ceremony and the weather doesn’t cooperate, do they have space indoors for that?
  3. What’s included? – Some are full service and can include everything in a package (ie linens, flatware, chairs, catering, etc).
  4. Try and get a breakdown of what each of the services cost and compare with other vendors (which we will get to below).
  5. Is it available? Well known venues often book up more than a year in advance. All the more reason to do your research now to make your decision before someone else books your dream venue.
  6. Budget – This may vary widely based on number of guests, location, dates, and season among other things.
  7. How many hours are included? Any overage charges?
  8. How much is the deposit and when is it due? Is it refundable?
  9. Is there a cancelation plan? (especially important due to current COVID restrictions)
  10. What’s the payment plan?
  11. If we have a rehearsal is that allowed or included there?
  12. Does the venue have liability insurance? (they almost guaranteed will but just make sure)
  13. Can I hire my own caterer or do you include one in a package?
  14. Can we do a food tasting if we go with your catering package?
  15. Are the linens, chairs, plates, silverware, and glasses included or do I have to rent my own?
  16. Do they take care of the liquor license/serving and how is the alcohol priced? (if applicable)
  17. Can I hire my own vendors or is there a preferred vendor list we have to stick to?
  18. Is there a sound system in place or does a DJ need to coordinate that?
  19. Is there transportation available to/from the site and is there sufficient parking?
  20. Are there discounts for weddings during the week? (if that suits your plan)

There are likely more questions you’ll have but these are a starting point to getting more info.
Due to the scarcity of venue dates, consider locking one down ASAP to avoid missing out on your dream venue. Below is a list of some beautiful Southern Manitoba wedding venues in the Pembina Valley to consider:

bella's castle couple
Bella’s Castle

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Pembina Valley Wedding Vendors

With the basics done up, it’s time to start thinking about which Pembina Valley Wedding vendors can help you with your vision. Most weddings need the following vendors in some form or another:

  • Officiant
  • Wedding Planner
  • Caterer
  • Baker
  • Florist
  • DJ or Band
  • Hair Stylist
  • Make Up Artist
  • Transportation
  • Photographer/Videographer

If you’re having a tent wedding, you may also need:

  • Tent Rental/Setup
  • Linens
  • Washroom rentals
  • Bartenders/Liquor license

wedding couple

Let’s go through each of these Pembina Valley Wedding Vendor roles in more detail:

Pembina Valley Wedding Officiants

An officiant performs the ceremony in accordance with Manitoba law. Local officiants can be found at the Government of Manitoba Vital Statistics web page HERE.

Pembina Valley Wedding Planners

He/she plans the logistics of the whole day. They may help negotiate vendor contracts, and it’s their job to ensure the wedding-day activities run the way they’re supposed to. They help remove some stress from you, the couple, so you can enjoy your day together. Local wedding planners include:

  1. Ashley Brooke Weddings – Winnipeg – ashleybrookeweddings@gmail.com – She does incredible work and planned the beautiful Willow Acres Styled Shoot.
  2. Sharon Webb Events – Winkler – 204-362-2042
  3. Oak & Wild – Megan Hildie – oakandwild@outlook.com

Wedding Couple at Willow Acres

Pembina Valley Wedding Caterers

Everyone’s gotta eat! If your timeline runs over dinner, you’ll very likely need to hire a caterer.

Questions to ask your caterer may be:

  • Which styles do you offer?
  • Are menus fixed?
  • Any options for guests with dietary restrictions (ie vegetarian, gluten free, etc)
  • Have you catered an event at the venue we’ve chosen?
  • What’s all included?
  • What’s the cost per person?
  • Do they make wedding cakes as well?
  • Can we setup a tasting session and does this cost extra?

Local Pembina Valley Wedding Caterer options include:

  • New Style Catering – Reinfeld (just outside Winkler) – 204-362-9372
  • Exceptional Thymes Catering – Alex Kanski – Morden – 204-384-5792 – exceptionalthymes@outlook.com
  • George K Catering – Winkler – 204-362-2815
  • DJ’s Catering Service – Winkler – 204-325-8080
  • Five Star Catering – Winkler – 204-325-7988
  • Making Memories Catering – Schanzenfeld – 204-362-4368
  • Janet Nedohin Catering – Morden – 204-822-4049
  • Crazy Lady’s Cafeteria – Carman – 204-745-2722
  • King’s Deli Market & Eatery – Winkler – 204-384-0808

Pembina Valley Wedding Cake Baker

You may need a separate baker from the caterer to create the wedding cake of your dreams. These vendors below can help with making your dream cake vision a reality.

As Told In Legends Bakery – Morden – 204-823-1782 – on Facebook and Instagram
Valley Bakery & Pastry Shop – Winkler – 204-325-8861

Pembina Valley Wedding Florists

Florists create the unique bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and decor items that make your day special. They can often customize their creations to fit your needs and will help with the colour coordination to make everything flow together properly.

Questions to consider asking your florist:
1. Is our wedding date available?
2. Are you familiar with the wedding venue?
3. How far in advance will you create the bouquets and arrangements?
4. Do you fit my budget?
5. Do you have a portfolio of weddings you’ve recently done I can check out?
6. Will your style fit our vision?
7. What would you recommend based on time of year, season, colour palette, and our budget?
8. Is there a delivery fee or do we pickup the arrangements?
9. What kind of deposit is required to book you?
10. What is your refund policy if we need to cancel or postpone for any reason?

Consider these local Pembina Valley Wedding Florist vendors to help with your florist needs.

married couple with flowers

Pembina Valley Wedding DJ

Every party needs some tunes! Look for a DJ who can build a playlist around your style and wedding vision. Your DJ should have all the necessary equipment but should coordinate with the venue to make
sure you’re covered. Local Pembina Valley Wedding DJ’s to consider are:

Pembina Valley Wedding Hairstylists

You’ll need the right hair stylist to make your dream look a reality. Ask these questions to help with your decision:
1. Are you available on my wedding date?
2. How much do you charge?
3. Is there a travel fee to get you to where I’m getting ready?
4. Do you offer a trial run? If so, how much?
5. Can I see some of your recent bridal work?
6. If necessary, can you do my bridal part hair as well?
7. What do you need for a deposit?
8. If we need to postpone or cancel, what are the terms?

Pembina Valley Wedding Hairstylists in the area include:

Pembina Valley Wedding Makeup Artists

Choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding is crucial! If you’re going for the glamour look or a more natural style, ask your makeup artists these questions to help you find the right fit:
1. Are you available on my wedding date?
2. How much do you charge?
3. Can you create my vision/style?
4. Can I see some recent wedding makeup work you’ve done?
5. If necessary, are you available for my wedding party as well?
6. What products do you use? (in case of possible skin reactions to certain products)
7. What do you need for a deposit?
8. If we need to postpone or cancel, what are the terms?

Pembina Valley Wedding Makeup Artists in the area include:

Makeup by Sara Claire

makeup applied
Makeup by Bailey Vanderveen

Pembina Valley Wedding Bridal Dresses & Alterations

Pembina Valley Wedding Jewelry & Rings

Pembina Valley Wedding Transportation

If your getting ready location, ceremony, and reception are all in different locations, you may need to consider hiring some transportation. You can rent a vehicle and supply your own driver or ask about having a driver supplied. The local options are:

Pembina Valley Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Who you choose to capture your special moments and document your day is one of the most important decisions you have to make.
These memories will be preserved forever with the right photographer and will be something to cherish for the rest of your life.

I’m Martin Carson of Ice and Fire Photo and I can speak from experience that not choosing the right photographer can be a huge mistake. Before I became a photographer, my wife and I were married in Las Vegas and we chose the venue supplied photographer. Upon receiving the completed pictures, we were very disappointed in the quality of the photographs. We mistakenly thought anybody could photograph and document our day properly. Big mistake! While we still have amazing memories, we don’t have amazing photographs of those big moments.

Martin Carson
Martin Carson

Since then, I’ve dedicated and invested time and resources to becoming a cinematic photographer that creates something unique and memorable for each of my couples. Most photographers prefer to use “natural light” which means primarily sunlight and available natural light is what they work with. The problem with natural light though is that it can’t be controlled. Once sunset arrives, natural light photographers have problems getting great shots without the use of flash. Investing in lighting and using it to complement the natural light produces images that you and your family will look at and go “WOW!”

Whether you choose me or any of the other fine Pembina Valley Wedding photographers/videographers in the area, consider asking these questions before you book:
1. Are you available on the date?
2. How would you describe your photography style?
3. If you are having part of your day in a dark venue, DEFINITELY ask for some examples of their work in low light situations.
4. Do you have professional backup equipment?
5. Can we request specific types of shots?
6. What’s your deposit process?
7. What packages do you offer?
8. Can we see full galleries from past weddings? This should be REQUIRED before booking your photographer!
9. Have you shot at our venue? If you haven’t, will you check it out before the date?
10. Do you offer engagement sessions? (Consider getting one to get to know your photographer better and to know what to expect!)
11. Do we get the high resolution digital files or do we have to pay extra? Some photographers offer prints for sale after the wedding
and won’t offer the digitals to you. Make sure you know this before hand to avoid an unexpected situation/cost.

You should also check or ask for reviews from other clients. Check out my Google business/maps profile to see what 50+ of my clients have said about me and their experiences working with me, over the last 4+ years.

If you have any questions about wedding photography not covered here and want to chat please hit me up at my CONTACT page or in my Instagram messages, Facebook messages, email at iceandfirephoto@gmail.com, or text/call 204-823-2276. You don’t have to book me to ask questions and chat. I am here to help and love talking photography!

I also have a FAQ page for more details!

wedding couple
Best Western Morden

Of course, my style isn’t necessarily for everybody. And guess what? That’s OK! Fortunately the area is full of incredibly talented creatives who offer a variety of different styles. Other local photographers/videographers include:

Pembina Valley Wedding Invitations & Stationary/Decor

Pembina Valley Tent Wedding Extras

Many couples opt for a tent wedding with extremely beautiful results. Contact a few options to compare prices and delivery options.
Things to keep in mind with this route compared to other venues are:

  1. What sizes are offered?
  2. Do we have to build it or is setup/taken down by the rental company?
  3. How long will we have it for?
  4. Do they offer chairs, tables, dance floors, bar setups, etc?

Pembina Valley Wedding Tent Rentals

Local options include:

Pembina Valley Wedding Linen Rentals

Your tables and linens are required renting for your big day. Find them at these local suppliers:

Pembina Valley Wedding Washroom Rentals

Definitely something you and your guests will appreciate throughout the day/evening. Local rental options include:

  • Ray’s Septic – Winkler – 204-325-4485

Pembina Valley Wedding Liquor Permits

These will be organized through the Manitoba Liquor Marts. Head to the LGCAMB.ca website for a Social occasion liquor permit or drop into your local liquor vendor.

Pembina Valley Wedding Accommodations/Hotels

So you’ve got your location and venue picked out, but where will your traveling friends/family stay? Consider contacting them for blocks of rooms if you have lots of friends/family coming from out of town. Local options include:

Morden Wedding Hotels & Campground

Southern Manitoba Morden sign photography

Winkler Wedding Hotels & Campground

Carman Wedding Hotels & Campground

Altona Wedding Hotels & Campground

Bella’s Castle

So how do you make this marriage legal and recognized in Manitoba?

  • Buy a marriage license. This must be done at least 24 hours before the marriage is set to take place. Both people must be present to buy the license from a registered issuer in your area.
    • Altona – BSI Insurance Broker – 204-324-8666
    • Morden – Appelt’s Jewellers – 204-822-4501
    • Winkler – L.A. Gold – 204-325-5296
    • Other options or updates available HERE
    • Cost is currently $100
  • Get your commissioner. As mentioned above, HERE is the list of recognized officiants.
  • After the ceremony and all parties have signed, the officiant completes the marriage registration form and submits it to the Vital Statistics Agency.
  • Once the registration is completed, the couple needs to apply for a marriage certificate. This gives legal proof of the marriage and ensures the rights of the spouses and children are respected. For settling estates, social benefits, or changing your surname, you will need a marriage certificate.
  • Should you choose to change your surname, you will need your marriage certificate first. Then head to the Vital Statistics page HERE for the current rules and regulations.

What have I missed?

I want this to be the most comprehensive guide to HELP you start planning your Pembina Valley Wedding! If you know somebody or are someone who should be on this list, hit up my CONTACT page and I’ll update this guide.

If there is any content missing that would help you out as a newly engaged couple, please let me know as well at my CONTACT page!

Thanks so much for checking this out! If I can help any other way, please let me know! If you’d like to set up a quick video chat to see if I might be the right fit for your wedding photography, please reach out! Happy planning and have a great wedding!

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