Top Things You Need To Know About Photography in Morden, Manitoba

If you’re interested in a Morden photographer, or need info on getting photos done in Morden, you’re in the right place. I’m Martin Carson and I live about 20 minutes outside of Morden in Miami. I’ve taken quite a few photos throughout this scenic town. I’ve photographed some weddings, family photos, engagement sessions, and senior photos throughout the town. Scroll down to see some great locations throughout this beautiful small city. I hope you’ll learn something to help with your own photos or help you pick a great location.

Southern Manitoba Morden sign photography

Top 5 Places for Photographs in Morden

First up on most things to consider when taking or getting photos done is location. There are lots of beautiful locations for pictures in Morden to help with whatever look you’re trying to get. Popular locations and ones that I personally enjoy are:

Bella’s Castle

I’ve got an entire VENUE PAGE detailing what Bella’s Castle has to offer. Trees, sun, shade, fountains, and a huge variety of locations make this great for all kinds of photography. Weddings, family photos, and engagement sessions can all look amazing with the right photographer here. If you’re a Morden photographer, chances are you’ve shot here and been able to create something special. Make sure to contact them for more details and information about photos. Their website is

bellas castle wedding couple

The Morden Sign

There are many ways to incorporate this sign into your photographs. My favourite way was to use it at a recent wedding to silhouette a wedding couple. The wedding was taking place at Best Western Plus right next to this sign. I took the couple away just as the sun was going down, set the camera to a narrow aperture and placed them in line with the sun to create the silhouette.

Southern Manitoba Morden sign photography

I created a separate blog post about how I created this image HERE if you’re interested!

Livingston Park

If you catch this park at the right time in the fall, the colours are amazing. With lots of trees, there is a nice amount of shade for soft, even lighting. There are also a few sitting locations for some more posed shots if that’s what you need. Depending on time of year and your adventure level, there is a river that can make for a nice backdrop as well.

The entrance to Livingston Park is on Parkhill Drive just east of Hwy 432 past the bridge.

livingston park family photo Morden Manitoba
livingston park family photo Morden Manitoba

Downtown Stephen Street during Corn & Apple

With all the bright lights and excitement during Corn & Apple, the opportunity for unique photos is there. A Morden photographer will have all kinds of ways to be creative with all the bright lights and action. Keeping in mind to not be in the way of everybody, find a nice location and set up a silhouette shot by firing a flash behind your subjects.

silhouette of couple at corn and apple

Another option is to capture the cool light effects of the rides themselves. Add in some off camera flash and bring in some people for a different style.

corn and apple couple photograph

The Research Station

A classic spot for photographs in Morden is at the Research Station. Depending on time of year, you can get quite a variety of shots across the property. In fall, expect lots of incredible colours and leaves everywhere. In summer, try for an evening shoot as the harsh mid day sun can make it difficult to find a shaded spot if you’re only using natural light.

Morden Research Station Family Photo

My Favourite Photos Taken in Morden

Bella's Castle wedding couple portrait
wedding couple
Bella's Castle senior session photograph
bella's castle couple
Southern Manitoba Morden sign photography

Getting Married in Morden?

I’ve created the Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in the Pembina Valley to help! Check it out HERE!