Miami Grad 2022

Miami, MB Grad 2022

The Miami, Manitoba 2022 Grad had it all. Beautiful weather, followed by some intense rain and wind, followed by more sunshine. The outdoor ceremony was set beautifully just north of the school and the weather cooperated nicely. 

After the ceremony, the dinner and speeches were setup in a tent closer to the school. Fortunately the tent provided cover from the short but intense bouts of rain and wind that followed. Dinner was from Two Old Crows with lots of rave reviews from everybody. 

There was a street party just in front of the school with a parade that followed throughout the town. 

For the graduates and families, the link to the gallery from Miami Grad Day 2022 is below:

A gallery password and download PIN will be provided by the school. 

There will be the option to download the entire gallery or individual photos. Keep in mind that if you download the entire gallery, because the files are high resolution that you’ll need about 3GB of space. Downloading the individual files is easily done by clicking on the photo you want and selecting the Down Arrow Download icon in the RS upper corner. Feel free to download the entire gallery if that’s easier. I suggest doing that to a computer or laptop though due to the file size.

There will be differing amounts of photos for each grad due to time and availability throughout the day. I tried my best throughout the street party to get an individual photo of each grad but was unable to find everybody. Same goes for the group photos before the parade. There will be some pictures of everybody at the ceremony. 

The gallery includes the best photos from the day. It was a pleasure to be part of such an important day in these incredible young students lives so thanks again for the opportunity!

If you have any problems downloading or need assistance I will obviously help any way possible. Email me at! THANK YOU!

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