Liv Dance Photography with
Ice and Fire Photo

Liv Dance is a dance studio based out of Carman, MB and owned by Jill and Tricia Livingston. They were established in 2021 and have been growing ever since. They offer tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary and acro styles. You can visit their website at or reach them by email at

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Thanks again to Jill and Trish at Liv along with all of the parents/dancers for having me out for photos. I’m sure it’s a crazy busy day for everybody but I very much hope the photos will provide memories of this year for many years to come!

The purchasing options are the same as the last couple years. I’ll leave the details here once again. Group photos are FREE and details are below.

Individual photos may be purchased for $25 directly through the gallery. The payments are safely and securely processed by Stripe so I have no access to your financial info.

If you have multiple (aka 4+) photos or if you have multiple dancers you’d like to purchase, you can purchase ALL of their photos by email/e-transfering $100 to If you choose to do this, PLEASE email me the classes your dancer/s are in along with a screenshot of them so I can create a separate gallery which I will email directly to you. Please DO NOT PURCHASE THE PHOTOS THROUGH THE GALLERY as the total will be more than $100 and things get confusing when that happens. Please just email/e-transfer and I will create your own dedicated gallery for your dancer/dancers. The individual photo link is below. Jill or Trish will provide the gallery password by email.

The GROUP photos are FREE to download and the gallery link is below. Jill or Trish will provide the gallery password via email.

Thanks so much once again everybody and I hope you enjoy the photos! I’ll be at the recital again this year but won’t be front row and center so this year’s photos will be taken from different spots throughout the venue. Thanks again!


Hello again everybody! I’ve got the Recital gallery edits completed and they are up in the gallery link below. I was setup in the balcony this year so wasn’t really able to get very many specific individual photos except for the individual dance routines. Due to that, the photos are FREE for everyone to download if you’d like. You’ll get a gallery password and PIN sent to you to access the gallery and download the photos you prefer. I will caution that printing some of these photos may not get perfect results due to the extreme darkness of the crowd compared to the small amount of light on the stage. That said, I very much hope they are enjoyed and thanks so much to Jill/Tricia at Liv and all of you families for your support! THANK YOU!

One last thing, I’ll leave up the studio gallery link if anybody still needs to purchase photos until Thursday, June 6th. Thank you!

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