Most frequent questions and answers. Get in touch if you have any other questions!

Why should we hire you for our wedding?

I’m very relaxed, yet professional. It might sound lame, but I genuinely love capturing moments creatively. I love the challenge of creating unique photos that make people pause and admire. Each wedding gives me an opportunity to create something memorable for my couples and that motivates me to produce incredible results.

What’s your style of wedding photography?

I describe myself as a cinematic photographer. Not quite dark and moody, and definitely not bright and airy. Creative portraits and capturing candid moments define my wedding style. Outside of the creative portraits and group photographs, most of your day will consist of natural candid images. I’ll take photos from near and far with relatively little interaction. I may provide a small amount of direction once in awhile, if necessary, but the day is about you and your people. I’m not the hero of your day, I just do what I do so you can remember what it felt like to experience your important day.

I like bright and airy photographs. Can you do that?

Bright and airy photos can look great if that’s your style but they definitely are not consistent with my body of work. The photos I create will be very consistent with past wedding galleries which I would encourage you to look over.

You still take posed family photos on the day right?

Definitely. Your family consists of your biggest supporters so of course I’ll take group photos of everybody together. I strongly encourage you to provide a list of groupings you want before the wedding along with a ring leader of sorts to help organize everybody. I imagine you want the formal photos done as quick as possible so you can get back to relaxing and celebrating. Having somebody gather the guests will make sure everybody isn’t waiting on Uncle Jim who’s trying to grab a beverage at the bar…

Can I get the RAW images?

I find people are confused about the term RAW photo so I’ll try to explain it here quickly. The RAW file of a photo consists of all the data that the camera records when a picture is taken. RAW photos are not viewable without the use of specialized programs capable of decoding that data and turning it into a JPEG file which is what most of the photos on your phone and computer will be. All delivered photos by me will be edited high resolution JPEG files. Giving you RAW files means they won’t be edited and they won’t look like all of my images that you booked me for. That said, if you desperately want the RAW files they can be purchased but seeing as I lose control over the final product and what happens after they are delivered to you, they aren’t cheap.

Can I get every image you take?

Nope. I will take many thousands of photos throughout the day. In some moments of the day I will take 10 frames per second. I select the best photo out of the 10 taken and deliver that one. Cameras occasionally miss focus and people blink in photos so I won’t be including photos like this in your final gallery. I don’t hold back quality photos just to keep a certain photo count. But rest assured, you will be receiving the best of the best.

Do you have backup equipment?

I always have two professional cameras with me. I have extra batteries, memory cards, etc. If one camera body were to fail, the other would be perfectly capable of capturing the day. If your photographer doesn’t have more than one camera, or a camera with dual memory card slots, let the anxiety begin. Memory cards and equipment can fail. Fortunately it has yet to happen to me but having multiple cameras with multiple card slots minimizes this possibility.

What type of equipment do you use?

I use Nikon cameras. I mostly shoot with a 35mm and 85mm focal length. The 35mm is great for getting the up close candid action while the 85mm is amazing for portraits and groups. I have some other specialty lenses which I use when necessary as well. I also have several lights that I use whenever possible throughout the day. They keep me prepared for any lighting condition and really help me add that cinematic feel to my photos.

Do you have any reviews?

Yes, lots of them. Head over to my Google Profile and check them out!

Do you need a deposit or retainer to book?

Yes. I have to set aside a day/time in the future and obviously can’t book anybody else on that day. That’s why I ask for a non-refundable retainer to secure the date. This retainer applies to your total package payment.

We want you to photograph our wedding. What do we do?

Let’s have a quick Zoom chat and say hello so I can hear a bit more about you and your day. Then I will create a digital contract that we will all sign. Then I’ll send over an invoice for the non-refundable deposit ($250).

How long will it take to get our wedding photos?

I like to have everything delivered within 4 weeks of the wedding.

How many photos will I get?

I provide at least 40 images per hour of shooting.

Do I get the copyright to my photos?

No. While I retain the copyright and full ownership of the photos, you will be given the rights to download, share, and print your delivered photos.

I’m awkward in front of the camera. Do you instruct for posing?

Here’s a little secret…everyone thinks they’re awkward in front of the camera! At the beginning of the day I’ll do my best to get you and your people used to my presence. This will help with comfortability throughout the day. For creative portraits and formal group shots, I definitely will provide instruction.

Can you shoot in rain or bad weather?

My gear is weather sealed so I’m good to go in rain or bad weather. If you’re up for some unique rain or umbrella photos, I’ll be jumping at the opportunity!

What happens if you get sick or injured and can’t photograph me?

This has yet to happen to me and I sure hope never does! If it does, I will do everything I can to find another photographer and know some local ones who would be able to help you out.

Do we have to feed you during the wedding day?

You don’t have to feed me but it’s definitely appreciated! I will need very small quick breaks once in awhile to keep hydrated and get some calories in me as I don’t want to miss anything important!

How are the files delivered?

They are delivered digitally through an online gallery system. I can show you an example of the digital delivery system if you’d like. It’s pretty slick!

Why do photographers charge what they do? My phone takes good pictures.

I agree that your phone probably does take good pictures. However, photographers need high quality (aka expensive) equipment, backups of high quality equipment, and the knowledge on how to use that equipment to produce impressive and consistent results.  In addition to equipment there are taxes, insurance, monthly software charges, high quality computer equipment to process, store, and backup the files, website maintenance, marketing, etc. Producing quality photos is only a small part of the business. Plus I’ve got to be away from my family during the limited summer weekends we have in southern Manitoba.