5 Reasons Why Bella’s Castle Wedding Venue Is Perfect For Photographers

Southern Manitoba Wedding Venue Bella’s Castle Is a Photographer’s Dream

Bella’s Castle is a wedding photographer’s dream. It has a variety of different locations/lighting scenarios and can provide a ton of variety for your clients. This historic building and property really has it all for photos including:

  • Fountains
  • Trees
  • Flowers
  • Shade and Sun
  • A variety of locations all on one property
Bella’s Castle

Bella’s Castle’s Fountains

There are several fountains at Bella’s Castle and they each have different characteristics. Using the nice perimeter of trees around the property, the fountains often have beautiful soft light around them. This makes for flattering light on your couple whichever fountain you choose. If you position them properly, there shouldn’t be any harsh shadows on your couple.

Bella’s Castle’s Trees

The trees on the property help provide a bit of shade throughout the day. They also make for a nice backdrop when you need some couples or group pictures. If you need a nice private spot for your wedding couple, there are many treed spots to use throughout the venue.

Bella’s Castle’s Flowers

The amount of attention to detail and variety of beautiful flowers is obvious the first time you set foot here. It’s part of what makes Bella’s Castle so popular as a wedding venue. The colours are amazing and it makes for an easy and stunning backdrop no matter where you place your subjects. Consider shooting through the flowers to add some nice foreground blurred out colour to your photos. Anytime in late spring to early fall will of course be the best time for in bloom flowers.

Shade & Sun

As the sun moves through the sky, different areas obviously will become sunnier as the day progresses. But this isn’t a bad thing. With the trees all around, there are still lots of shaded areas for that soft light us photographers dream of. If you prefer some high contrast harsh sun, the middle of the back yard will provide that as well in mid afternoon.

Variety of Locations

Sitting areas, swings, benches, loungers, fences, trees, an archway, a wraparound veranda…what more can you ask for? Once the natural light goes away, the tent lights up nicely with some string lights which can add some nice out of focus bokeh to your pictures. If you’re a photographer who uses off camera flash, there is a ton of potential for your creativity to shine on the property.

It’s tough to find a better location for photos in the area then Bella’s Castle. With the mix of greenery, trees, flowers, and different locations, it’s really difficult to screw up a photo shoot here! Contact them below to get more information about setting up some photos.

Check out their website for wedding bookings/info here: Bella’s Castle

Email: bellascastlehotel@gmail.com

Phone: 204-823-0810

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Here’s a wedding slideshow of a recent wedding I photographed here:

Martin Carson of Ice and Fire Photo
Martin Carson of Ice and Fire Photo

Written by Martin Carson of Ice and Fire Photo. Check out this Pembina Valley Wedding Guide he created for a detailed look at planning your wedding including venues, vendors, legal requirements, etc.

For more about Bella’s Castle, check out my dedicated Bella’s Castle Venue Guide!

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