Coastal Elopement

Capturing an elopement at the enchanting Oregon Coast is a dream come true. The rugged coastline with its dramatic cliffs, pristine beaches, and crashing waves creates a stunning backdrop for an intimate celebration of love. The secluded coves and windswept dunes offer endless opportunities for breathtaking shots that perfectly reflect the couple’s adventurous spirit. The soft golden light filtering through the mist adds a touch of magic to every frame. As the couple exchanges their vows amidst the untamed beauty of nature, I strive to document the raw emotions, stolen glances, and gentle embraces that make their elopement truly special.

How to Elope at the Coast

Choose A Location

Explore the Oregon Coast and select a location that resonates with you as a couple. Consider factors such as scenic beauty, accessibility, and privacy. There are numerous breathtaking spots along the coastline, such as Cannon Beach, Cape Kiwanda, or Ecola State Park. Research permits or any specific regulations for your chosen location and ensure it aligns with your vision for an intimate elopement.

Plan logistics and accommodations

Determine the logistics for your elopement. Decide whether you want a simple ceremony or a small gathering with a few close friends or family members. Consider hiring an officiant to conduct the ceremony or arrange for a friend to officiate if desired. Plan your accommodations in advance, whether it’s a nearby hotel, vacation rental, or campground. Be mindful of weather conditions and seasonal variations when choosing a date.

Capture your special moments

Hire a professional photographer to capture your elopement at the Oregon Coast. Research and connect with photographers who specialize in outdoor and destination weddings. Share your vision, preferred style, and specific locations you wish to include. Collaborate with your photographer to plan the timeline and scout for additional photo spots along the coastline. On your elopement day, relax and enjoy the experience while your photographer captures the magic and emotions of the moment.

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