Manitoba Wedding Photographer Martin Carson

With 5+ years of experience, I love capturing moments that will last a lifetime. I focus on creating something extraordinary out of the ordinary to tell your story in the most creative way.

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Martin Carson
Martin Carson

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Why Work With Me


With 5+ years photographing weddings in southern Manitoba, my process yields consistent, cinematic results.


My photographs have a different look than most other photographers. I’m constantly learning new techniques to provide my clients with unique, creative images.


I use professional camera bodies, lenses, and lighting which help to create unique images.

How To Book Me


Get in touch by email, phone, or DM by clicking on Get In Touch below.


Let me know what you’re looking for! I can send some galleries to see if my style matches what you’re looking for!


I’ll make up a quick contract with details of our shoot for us all to sign along with what you’ll be receiving.


Pricing & Information

Weddings Begin at $1500
Family/Grad Sessions Begin at $200

Head over to my pricing page below for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m very relaxed, yet professional. It might sound lame, but I genuinely love capturing moments creatively. I love the challenge of creating unique photos that make people pause and admire. Each wedding gives me an opportunity to create something memorable for my couples and that motivates me to produce incredible results.

My wedding day style outside of couple portraits and family photos, is basically just to document what’s happening. I’ll be around of course but mostly want you to forget about me and just enjoy your day. I move around, ALOT. This allows me to get many different angles and tell the story of your day from different perspectives. I’ll be right up close for part of the day and may be quite far.

I describe myself as a cinematic photographer. Not quite dark and moody, but definitely not bright and airy. Creative portraits and capturing candid moments define my wedding style. Outside of the creative portraits and group photographs, most of your day will consist of natural candid images. I’ll take photos from near and far with relatively little interaction. I may provide a small amount of direction once in awhile, if necessary, but the day is about you and your people. I’m not the hero of your day, I just do what I do so you can remember what it felt like to experience your important day.

Get in touch so I can send over some sample galleries to get an idea of what a full wedding looks like. When selecting a wedding photographer, be sure to view several full galleries so you know how they photograph in different lighting scenarios.

Bright and airy photos can look great if that’s your style but they definitely are not consistent with my body of work. The photos I create will be very consistent with past wedding galleries which I would encourage you to look over. If they don’t match the style you’re after, that’s totally cool! My style isn’t for everybody and I’m alright with that.

For weddings, I put in my contracts that they will be completed within the month. Often times, they are completed within a few weeks.

I have more answers! Send me a message or email and we’ll chat!

i Can’t wait to hear from you!

If you’re looking for a photographer and you connect with my work, I would love to chat with you and explore working together!

To get in touch with me directly email:, call me at 204-823-2276 or msg me on Instagram or Facebook @iceandfirephoto.